Shopping for toys for children can be a daunting task, especially if you’re spending time scouring impersonal major digital retailers and ‘best toys’ lists on the internet. However, shopping locally can have huge benefits. Smart Kids Toys is a Greenwich toy store with a history of selling educational toys for over 30 years. You can find thousands of items from the brand and age categories on their website.

The Lego VIDIYO is one such toy, which combines traditional bricks with AR technology to create a music video. Not only is this smart toy fun to use, but it’s designed to develop special-needs children’s creative and logical skills. There are currently 16 different products in the LEGO VIDIYO line, each offering tactile play experiences to kids between four and 11 years old.

Many smart toy developers target the youngest children. Nonetheless, many of these toys will also provide a physical playtime experience for toddlers and young children. For example, Webkinz and Robosapien are great options for helping kids practice social skills. The Smart Teddy Bear, on the other hand, features app and touch controls that help teach kids different life skills, such as learning about the potty, managing their meals, and following good hygiene practices.

Another excellent way to introduce kids to the world of electronics is with a Smart Circuits kit. With this kit, they can go from simple blinking lights to complex motion-controlled games. One of the neat features of the kit is that the baseboard can be folded into a cube and attached at a 90-degree angle. This gives the kids an added element to play with while designing a circuit. These toys also teach children to code using various methods, which is a great way to improve kids’ skills in these areas.